In need of a glamorous, instant transformation? Easy come, Easy go! Clip-Ins are fabulous for those girls who don’t want anything too permanent. They are high grade, super smooth and best of all they can be applied and removed in minutes! It’s no surprise that clip in hair extensions are the most popular product around. We only provide you the highest quality clip in extensions around. Our 100% human hair extensions in Perth are the best way to spruce up your look.

Our seamless clip-ins have a reputation for quality, using Brazilian and European hair making it unrivalled in regards to strength, shine and softness. Our remy hair extensions are of the highest standard, with superior softness and smoothness.

Why choose our clip-in extensions?

We want every woman to feel the best that they can. Clip in extensions are the easiest way for you to embrace whatever look you’re after, be it sleek and subtle or bold and glamorous.  Clip-in hair extensions are highly versatile. Whether you just want to make slight tweaks to your look or if you want a larger change, clip extensions allow for both. Choose from our great range of colours spanning a whole array of tones and shades.

Our seamless extensions are long-lasting and specially designed to be virtually undetectable from your real hair, providing a truly seamless transformation. As they are all made out of pure human remy hair, our extensions can be styled in the same way you would style your natural hair. Curlers and straighteners are not a problem.

The benefit of using clip-in extensions

  1. Instantaneous. Clip-in hair extensions enable you to get voluminous, long hair in minutes. Forget having to grow your hair out for months or spending hours at a salon, you can flaunt a new hair makeover right away for any occasion. You can also style and cut your extensions or use straighteners or curlers before attaching them to your hair. What could possibly increase your confidence instantly more than wearing clip in hair extensions!
  2. Temporary. Unlike other sewn-in or glued hair extensions products, seamless clip-in hair extensions require no commitment at all. You can have a glamorous voluminous hairstyle for the events or occasions that you want, and you have full control for when you want to remove them.
  3. Easy Application. It’s a right here, right now solution for anyone. You don’t have to be a professional hairstylist to clip them into place (or take them out). This means you don’t have to have them sewn or glued in by a professional and you can do it with very little to no experience. So, save time and money with our extensions!
  4. Low maintenance. Brushing the extensions hair weft is the only maintenance step you need to take to prevent tangles. Other than that, there’s no additional maintenance required. You can just detach them and hang them up somewhere when you’re done using them. You should wash them occasionally, but only after wearing them between five to ten times, which is still so much less compared to other types of hair extensions.

How much are clip-in real hair extensions?

In order to ensure everyone can get their hair extensions, Afterpay is available.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now to get your clip in hair extensions in Perth immediately!! Email us at info@queenbeehair.com.au, check out our Instagram and DM us your enquiries too. If you’re after the finest quality clip in hair extensions in Perth contact us now.