Hair Extensions Sydney

Think it’s too hard to have the hairstyle of your dreams? Having gorgeous hair can be effortless. Get longer, thicker, more voluminous hair instantly with Queen Bee hair extensions in Sydney. Our extensions seamlessly blend with your natural hair so you can flaunt the style you want knowing your extensions are completely invisible. Be a newer, more confident you today.

With Queen Bee Hair Extensions, you are promised quality. With a wide range of gorgeous remy hair extensions that are discreet and virtually invisible upon application, you can get the length you crave. Our extensions can also be dyed, flat ironed or curled, so you can style it exactly how you want to.

Need a hair extension specialist in Sydney?

We are experts in the business of hair extensions. We have a professional team of hair extension specialists that can help you with everything you need to know about your hair. If you need advice on how to choose the colour of your hair extensions or you want to delve deeper and learn about how to apply, remove and take care of them we can help you out.

We have a special education program where we help take you through everything you need to know about using hair extensions to create flawless, stylish hairstyles. Our highly skilled professionals are experts in the industry helping you broaden your skills and refine your techniques so that you can be the best stylist you can be.

Hair extensions care

How much maintenance your hair extensions will need is first and foremost dependant on what kind of extension you want. If you’re going to buy clip in hair extensions in Sydney, then you’re going to factor in how often you wear them. If you’re wearing them daily, then it’s probably a good idea to wash them once per week. Otherwise, you can wash them at your own discretion, usually after wearing them between 5 and 10 times. Remember not to wash too frequently as this will negatively affect your hair extensions lifespan.

With tape in hair extensions, you must be gentle while brushing to avoid causing your hair to break and your tapes to slip. Any tangles should be untangled with a brush, always upwards from the bottom of your hair.

Any kind of extensions are going to need sulphate free shampoo and conditioner as they are not affected by the natural oils from your scalp. This will ensure that your extensions won’t dry out or be stripped of their colour.

If you need more maintenance information please check out our FAQ’s

Why Choose Queen Bee Hair Extensions?

If you’re looking for 100% human hair extensions in Sydney, we are the company to choose. At Queen Bee Hair all our products are made from remy human hair, so your hair extensions are guaranteed to look and feel exactly like your own hair. Our range is loved all throughout Australia so you can be sure you’re getting a tried and tested product that people adore.

Hair extensions near me

Get the best hair extensions in Sydney with prices you’ll love. If you’re not in Sydney don’t worry. We ship all throughout Australia so you can be sure to get great value, premium quality hair extensions near you. Contact us now at  or order online now!