Queen Bee Hair Crowning Glory Clip Ins are made using a unique blend of AAAAA Double Drawn Remy Brazilian and European Hair… giving it unrivalled extra strength along with shine and softness. Always cuticle correct and harvested from long single ponytails. We create hair excellence for catwalks, salons and stylists and achieve boundless creativity with runway inspired colours.

Remy Hair is cuticle correct, which means that the cuticle of the hair shaft is running in a single direction; therefore creating beautiful, silky soft, tangle free Human Hair Extensions which last.

Queen Bee Crowning Glory Deluxe is a 5 piece triple wefted, double drawn set which consists of 140 grams of our unique blend of European and Brazilian Remy Hair.

The Deluxe set is most suited to those with finer to medium hair, and every day styling.

Queen Bee Crowning Glory Supreme is a 9 piece triple wefted, double drawn set which boasts a superb 220 grams of our unique blend of European and Brazilian Remy Hair.

Use this set for extra glamour, volume, thickness and length.

The Supreme set is most suited to those with medium to thick hair.

It is so easy to use Queen Bee Crowning Glory Clip Ins, our clips are silicone tipped to prevent slippage, when you’ve done it once, there will be no stopping you! Thick, long luscious hair in minutes! Click here for a tutorial to show you how simple it is.

Depending on how often you wear your clip ins, is an indication of how often you should wash them, but you should never over wash extensions, as this will affect the longevity.

If you wear your extensions every day, it is advisable to gently wash weekly, or whenever they get clogged up with hair spray, styling products,or any atmospheric odours.

Hair extensions do not get your natural oils from your scalp as your own hair does, so when washing them it is so important to always use high quality sulphate free hydrating shampoo, conditioner and nourishing after care products, to prevent them drying out.

If you are only wearing your clip in extensions for special occasions, weekends, partying or clubbing, you will not need to wash them so often, just at your discretion.

When you are not wearing your extensions, always brush thoroughly and store appropriately.

We recommend Juuce Silk Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner – its absolutely amazing for hair extensions and your natural hair…… you will find it in our Accessories section.

Queen Bee Crowning Glory Clip Ins are the finest quality European/Brazilian mix 100% remy human hair you can buy. This mix creates their strength and softness. Queen Bee Extensions have a much longer life than other hair extension brands on the market today.

As long as you treat your new Queen Bee Clip Ins with care, they will serve you well. So to ensure happy longevity of your new hair please follow our washing, styling and storage guidelines.

Yes of course. If you need to trim your Clip Ins to blend with your natural hair, we advise you take them to your professional hairdresser, who will be able to do this for you.

Queen Bee Crowning Glory has a stunning range of colours, If however you choose to colour or tone you Queen Bee Clip In extensions please do a strand test.


Only the maximum of 3% developer may be used with any tint. Queen Bee Hair will not accept responsibility for unwanted results of your colouring or toning process and DO NOT offer any refunds or exchanges in such circumstances.

Yes, no problem at all, all our extensions are Human Remy Hair, so you can style your extensions as you would your natural hair. Taking care not to be too heavy handed, and always use a heat protectant such as Queen Bee Thermoshine or Juuce Heat Shield to prevent drying out. Just as your own hair would become heat damaged if you used heated tools too often, so will your extensions, so keep it to a minimum and never use heat over 180 degrees.

Our Clip Ins come in lengths 12 inch, 20 inch and 22 inch.

12 inch are fantastic for shoulder length hair, 20 are a lovely long length which sit mid back length, our 22 inch are brilliant for ultra long length. Remember use the deluxe 5 piece set for fine to medium hair and the supreme 9 piece set for medium to thick hair.

Our sleek / flat clip in ins come in 18 inch and best suited for finer hair that needs a full head of extensions with a close, smooth fit.

Sometimes clips come loose or even break, don’t panic! Queen Bee always put a couple of extra emergency replacement silicone clips in with your order. If you are unfortunate enough to lose a clip, they are very simple to sew back on. Just have yourself a needle and thread at the ready and stitch on tightly through the holes onto the lace weft.

Our new Flat Trax system, are the lightweight answer to clip ins for finer hair, for those that find the traditional lace weft too heavy. Flat trax are made from soft silicone band, making them ultra comfortable,smooth fitting and discreet. So for girls who were at the end of the queue when hair was handed out, this latest innovation will benefit you tremendously!

If you are not looking for length and just need volume, the Queen Bee Booster is a fantastic everyday quick fix to volumize your style from root to tip! So easy to use, absolutely perfect for that extra sass and thickness! Available in 12, 16 and 20 inch, always choose the length nearest to your natural hair for perfect blending.